A full-fledged end-to-end 5G Testbed is being developed in this project by eight leading academic and R&D institutes of India. The project is a unique collaborative effort of a pan-Indian multi-institutional team which will enhance national capability in telecom technology, develop indigenous IP and give a fillip to Indian telecom manufacturers. The project is funded by the Department of Telecom, Government of India for a period of three years starting from April 2018. There are several industry players in India who also have joined this initiative as project partners.

Various advanced hardware and software modules will be developed in the project that will be finally put together to create a Testbed that closely resembles a real-world 5G deployment. It will deliver an end-to-end 5G testbed comprising of User Equipment nodes, 5G Base Stations and 5G Core that support various 5G use cases including NB IoT services.

The hardware and software developed in the project will be made available to entities that would like to make commercial use of the IPs through flexible licensing models. Several algorithms developed in the project which can enhance the performance of products will also be available for usage by product companies or R&D organisations.

The Testbed will be made available to academic and industry in India for various R&D, product development and capacity development activities. Through published interfaces and APIs, and open modules, the Testbed will be a versatile playground for testing and demonstrating 5G features and Use cases.

The Testbed is expected go a long way in fostering the development of 5G ecosystem india.